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At Midland Heating Solutions we can offer a power flushing service around Leicester to restore your old system to a more efficient happy system or offer a pre commission to a new system or boiler installation by Kamco trained engineers. Over time an old or not looked after system will produce black or brown deposits in the water which is rust indicating there is corrosion happening within the pipe work, boiler and radiators.

We cover Leicester, Market Harborough, Corby, Lutterworth and its surrounding areas. We can provide a free estimate to suit your system and Power Flushing requirements instantly.

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Advantages of a power flush :

  • To remove debris from the system
  • To help unblock pipe work
  • To make your system as efficient as possible
  • To prevent future problems / corrosion
  • To help reduce fuel bills
  • To make radiators hotter
  • Faster heat up times

Symptoms to look out for :

  • Noisy boiler indicates sludge and scale lining the heat exchangers
  • Poor hot water performance indicates blockage to the main or hot water heat exchanger
  • Cold spots to the bottom of radiators indicates sludge blocking the water ways
  • Dirty water from radiator air bleeds indicates corrosion within the system
  • Air collecting in radiators frequently indicates corrosion or bacterial growth
Once your system has been power flushed use inhibitor to prevent any future corrosion.

We use a Kamco CF90 machine which uses the latest Clearflow technology reducing waste water and time on site.

All engineers have been trained by Kamco.

We follow BS7593:2006 Code of Practice for treatment of water in domestic hot water central heating systems when carrying out a power flush or system commission.

What we recommend to accompany a power flush :

  • Install a magnetic system filter, we supply various makes to suit.
  • Change any leaking valves
  • Replace old or sticking thermostatic radiator valves ( this makes the powerflush more effective )

Note :

  • Powerflushing will only cure corrosion related problems. It will not solve any problems arising from faulty components, system design or poor installation.
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